Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Symbol Of Attitude is Positive – A Story Insight

Get ! Set !! Go!!! – I persist that the individual has to cover with three mind fictures, which leads to a Happy and Beautiful life - ”The Attidude, Aptitude and Altitude”.

The Key player, which rules our life is Attitude and Only Attitude that makes us perfect in what we are doing soforth.

The Positive attitude brings us optimism into life, which avoids negative thinking and fallbacks. It brings the constructive changes and gives the way for clear understanding of real life.

I like to share a story insight to understand the Postive Attitude in better voice.

This day happens to be an exciteness covered with the full of joy and happiness. This time at the moment, the bus climbs the hill and with lot’s of new songs and rythms. All folks starting from 4 to 60 in age started raising their own voice. The bus contains only the sound filled with Smile and the darkness started revolving and this minute it climbs up slowly with hearing of Masques voice silently. A deep stritch of the night makes a set of fearness in mind and the climate makes to close one’s own eyes.

Until this time everything else is fine, the time starts now with the fate in this joyful travelling.

It sounded heavily with the thunder and trees started opening its feadures and air creates sounds with dust. Now the unusual and unexpected tragedy begins which never to be happened in life.

A Big Stone rock started falling from the top which falls directly into the bus and got fully damaged their happy travelling.

Before this incident was happened, there was a couple in the bus and they interupted and started saying that no more interested in this terrific and fearful travelling in the bus. Better we will get down here and stay in a hut and start travelling again.

The couple got down from the bus and this incident so happened in some 5 minutes time. Since the story was conveying about the terrific travelling and nothing has happened to anyone just left with the limitted wounds.

She told to her husband, thank god we got down before this incident and it’s been really luck and she started praying to god for the luckiness.

Her Husband started yelling at her and said harshly, it’s becoz of you, incident so happened.

If you hav’nt stopped the bus, the rock would hav’nt affected the travelling. Means the time we stopped the bus and the time rock fall from the top would have differed and saved the whole accident itself. So it’s not the only you got benefit out of positive attitude and setforth of others of your kind too.

This story is about the way we think in life and how positiveness acts as an instinct for our process improvements.

The Life left nothingelse otherthan happiness.